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People & Culture Design for Crypto Companies

Welcome to bluprintHR, where People Operations expertise meets the dynamic world of crypto innovation. As experienced crypto HR leaders, we understand the unique needs of crypto companies and are here to elevate your workforce strategies in this rapidly evolving industry.

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Challenge Accepted.

    Rapid Growth: As crypto companies experience rapid growth, HR demands can become overwhelming. We specialize in scaling HR processes to match the pace of your expansion.

    Attracting and Retaining Talent: In a competitive industry, talent is key. Our solutions focus on creating an appealing workplace culture and implementing effective retention strategies.

Services Provided: 

    Comprehensive HR Audits: Conduct thorough HR audits tailored to the specific needs of publicly traded, VC-backed, and private crypto companies.

    Strategic Workforce Planning: Develop strategic workforce plans that align with the goals of publicly traded, VC-backed, and private companies in the crypto sector.

    Blockchain Talent Acquisition: Attract and retain top-tier blockchain and crypto talent through targeted recruitment strategies, customized for companies across the spectrum of public, VC-backed, and private status.

    Crypto Industry Compliance: Navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the crypto industry, ensuring HR practices comply with legal requirements for publicly traded, VC-backed, and private entities.

    Decentralized Workforce Management: Devise HR strategies that effectively manage decentralized teams and remote work, catering to the unique needs of publicly traded, VC-backed, and private crypto companies.

    Tailored HR Solutions for Corporate Structures: Customize HR solutions to meet the diverse requirements of publicly traded, VC-backed, and private companies, adapting to the distinct operational dynamics of each.

Why Choose BluPrint?

    Top Tier Expertise-

    Crypto Industry Insight: Benefit from our deep understanding of the crypto landscape, coupled with a decade of HR experience, to drive innovation and success in your workforce.

    Relieving Operational Burden: In the fast-paced crypto sector, operational efficiency is crucial. Let us handle your HR processes, allowing your team to focus on pushing the boundaries of innovation.

    Tailored Solutions for Crypto Talent: Our services are designed to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in the crypto space, aligning with the unique demands of the industry.
...And Much More!

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Fractional CPO

Zurii D'Ambra, M.A, SHRM-SCP

bluprintHR can design people programs for long term sustainability and less retention!

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