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People & Culture Design for Education

Welcome to bluprintHR, where People expertise meets the distinct needs of education. With a professional background in K-12 charter and private education, we bring a unique approach to solving the challenges faced by educational institutions.

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Challenge Accepted.

    Time Constraints: School principals and administrators often find themselves overwhelmed with staff needs and responsibilities. We step in to streamline processes, saving valuable time for educational leadership. Let us alleviate your burden, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

    Educator Focus: Recognizing that educators have unique needs, our tailored solutions ensure that HR processes don't distract from their primary focus - the students.

    Streamlined Leave Management: Navigating the complexities of employee leave can be overwhelming. We provide a systematic approach to leave management, ensuring compliance with regulations while minimizing administrative headaches.

    Proactive Employee Relations: Foster a positive work environment with our proactive approach to employee relations. We handle the administrative responsibilities, allowing school leadership and office personnel teams to focus on maintaining a healthy and collaborative workplace.

Services Provided: 

    Comprehensive Audits: Evaluate and enhance people processes to ensure compliance with federal, state, local, and general educational regulations.

    Strategic Workforce Planning: Align staffing with the school's educational mission for long-term success.​

    Leave Management: Implement a streamlined leave management system to handle employee absences efficiently.

    Workers' Compensation Support: Navigate workers' compensation processes seamlessly, from claim initiation to resolution.

    Employee Relations: Proactively manage employee relations to foster a positive and collaborative work environment.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training: Cultivate an inclusive culture by providing tailored DEI training for school staff.

    Professional Development Programs: Design and implement research-based professional development initiatives to enhance staff skills.

    Performance Evaluation Systems: Develop research based performance evaluation systems that align with educational goals, academic standards, and foster continuous improvement.

    Compensation: We help to develop, implement, and manage total rewards programs for your educators, including public service retirement contributions.

    Accreditation and Grant Support: Provide HR support and alignment for schools seeking accreditation, or for schools who need support with documentation for grant reporting purposes.

    More​ :Don't see what you need? Book a free consultation to discuss how we can support your educational institution​.

Why Choose BluPrint?

    Top Tier Expertise-

    Educational Insight: Benefit from our in-depth understanding of educational institutions. Not only do we have a deep knowledge of people operations, but we also possess an extensive background in education, giving us a unique understanding of how the business of education works.

    Tailored Solutions for Educators: Our services are designed with educators in mind. We understand their priorities are centered on students, not on day-to-day people operations issues. Our solutions free up their time for impactful educational programming.
...And Much More!

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Fractional CPO

Zurii D'Ambra, M.A, SHRM-SCP

bluprintHR can free 35% or more of your time! Focus on quality education and not employee relations. 

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